Hardwood Creek Nursery

Top-quality trees since 1988.

​​​​​​Quality landscapes begin with quality materials. In 1988, Dave Kleinhuizen purchased property in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and a dream became a plan. Today, Hardwood Creek Nursery provides trees to customers throughout the Midwest. For the last 31 years and with over 16,000 trees (and counting!) in production, we've gained a reputation for consistently providing the high-quality trees that our customers deserve and expect. We are a family-run nursery and respect and support local agriculture. 

Why Buy Local?

When it comes to establishing healthy trees, local-trees are superior to those shipped into this area. When trees have been given a chance to establish themselves in a certain climate zone, they become accustomed to the weather and climate of that area, and they're more likely to adjust to rapid seasonal temperature fluctuations. Also, our trees are free of exotic pests and are inspected annually by the Dept. of Agriculture.  Please take a few minutes of your time to view the quality materials produced at Hardwood Creek Nursery.