Hardwood Creek Nursery

Growing trees is a labor of love.

In order to grow top-quality trees, you need to love doing it. At Hardwood Creek we take pride in following tried-and-true methods of nursery production as well as constantly making improvements to our means and methods.

  • The less trees are handled, the better they will transplant. For that reason our trees, are not hauled from the field and yarded up after digging. We load trees direct from the field.
  • *We minimize the amount of time we spend "between the rows" by planting cover crops so we can spend more time "in the row" directly attending to the needs of each tree.
  • We do not use neonicotinoids in our production, so our trees are bee-safe.
  • We do tillage 26” deep between crops so the soils remain healthy and can absorb natural rainfall rather than rely on constant irrigation. 
  • We are conscious of the amount of inputs and resources it takes to grow trees and are constantly striving to lessen the input resources we use by using biochar and organics as much as possible.  
  • While many growers are happy to market their trees at 2” caliper or less, Hardwood Creek Nursery consistently will have trees 3.5” or larger. We understand the risk of holding the larger trees in production a bit longer, but we want to be your larger tree supplier.
  • And In an effort to be innovative in our methods we now have several patents for equipment-related devices that make our job easier and the quality of our products better.